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30 PRODUCT CARE DUSTING Don’t avoid dusting furniture. Frequent dusting removes airborne deposits that build up in a filmy layer and can scratch the surface. Clean, dry, soft cloths or feather dusters will effectively remove dust; however, to avoid scattering the dust into the air, where it floats until landing back on furniture surfaces, dampen the cloth very slightly. CLEANING Never use all-purpose cleaning sprays unless your furniture has a plastic coating, such as the kind used on kitchen tables and children’s furniture. You’ll usually want to avoid cleaning wood with water. However, sticky spots may need to be treated with soap and water. Here’s how: dip the cloth in mild soap or detergent dissolved in water, wring the cloth nearly dry, and wipe the area. Rinse and immediately dry with a clean, soft cloth. Oil polishes, cleaners, and furniture oils protect wood by making the surface more slippery; they do not offer a hard protective layer. WOOD CARE Note varying shades of colour and grain along with features such as wood knots are normal and are to be expected as wood is a natural product. To ensure longevity wooden furniture needs to be protected from extreme temperature swings, heat and moisture. Please pay attention to the following recommended steps. No matter how strong and sturdy a piece looks always move it with care by lifting instead of dragging and carefully placing it down. This will preserve the integrity of the joints and prevent splitting. Avoid placing wooden furniture next to a source of heat or direct sunlight as this can cause dryness and cracking of the wood. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight will also result in colour fading and discolouration. Maintain oak furniture by periodically treating it with special furniture oil. Once every 3 months is sufficient to prevent cracking and to create a moisture resistant layer. If a piece of furniture is exposed to daily wear and tear such as a table then treat it with furniture oil once per month. Never expose furniture to water, cleaning agents, coffee, wine, fruit juices etc. Ensure any spills are immediately removed. Never put hot items such as dishes or pans directly onto the wood. Use place mats or table mats. TERMS & CONDITIONS GENERAL: • All items are supplied flat packed unless otherwise stated. • All items are subject to availability. • Furniture colours in the brochure are approximate due to the limitations of the printing process. • All furniture sold is intended for domestic use only. If goods are used for business purposes please ensure you are covered by the appropriate insurance. Note guarantee period will not apply if goods are subjected to use other than domestic use. • All goods and any other goods delivered shall remain the property of Novo Living Ltd until all outstanding monies have been paid in full. • Photographic images are available upon written request however all photographic images remain the property of Novo Living Ltd. Any unauthorized use of images is prohibited. ORDERING: • Orders accepted by phone, fax, email or post. Please confirm all verbal orders in writing to ensure your exact requirements are met. • No items are sold on a sale or return basis. • Orders may be collected at our premises during business hours. Notice may be required for items if assembly is required. PRICING: • Prices are excluding VAT. • Prices are subject to alteration or withdrawal without further notice. • Discounts when offered are for promotion and display models and can not be considered an ongoing agreement. PAYMENT: • Cash – Bank draft – Credit card – Debit card – Bank transfer. • Where cheque is returned as “refer to drawer” an administration fee of €25/£20 will apply GUARANTEE: • All goods are covered against manufacturing defects for a period of 12 months from date of purchase. INTERNET POLICY: • Novo Living Ltd products can only be displayed and sold on any website where the corresponding product is also displayed and sold on the same retailer’s shop floor. • Any Novo Living Ltd product advertised on a retailer’s website must also remain on the retailer’s shop floor for the duration of the time online. DELIVERIES: • All orders are subject to delivery charges of €30/£25, however for orders over €600/£500, delivery charges will be waived. • Deliveries will be booked in prior to dispatch. If an alternate delivery address is required please confirm new address at this time. Amount of payment due will be advised. If it is not possible to have payment available please advise us at this time so delivery may be re-scheduled. • Please note we are unable to deliver to private addresses. • Our drivers are instructed not to accept returns unless authorized to do so. If return of goods is required please notify our sales representative so collection may be scheduled. SHORTAGES: • Any shortages on deliveries must be notified in writing within 24 hours of receipt of goods. The quantity and description of goods not received must be given at this time. • Reports of shortages later than 24 hours after receipt of goods will not be entertained. DAMAGES: • Any damages/defects must be reported in writing within 72 hours of receipt of goods. Please state delivery docket number/invoice number and description of damage or defect. • All goods for exchange are charged for and credit issued when goods are returned. • Goods accepted for return must be complete with all parts and in their original packaging. Credit will not be issued for part items returned. • Goods received damaged must not be assembled as claims for damages will not be entertained if assembly has been attempted. • Complaints from final customer must be reported in writing stating invoice number and description of complaint along with relevant photographs. If our sales representative is required to inspect a complaint in a customer’s house they must be accompanied by a member of retail staff. RETURNS: • Goods for return other than replacements will incur a restocking charge of 10% of invoice amount if in original packaging or 30% of invoice amount if original packaging removed.